How to find lovely things at M&S Home this autumn*

* Dedicated to anyone who’s gone into Marks and Spencer to buy thermals, and come out with a marble pestle and mortar. That’s not going to keep you warm this winter, is it?

Is it really all going pear-shaped at M&S? Making the headlines lately is the news that some Marks and Spencer stores are tipped to close in the UK, following interim business results to be published this week.

In spite of talk of disappointing sales and sliding profits, we’re still finding inspiring buys at Marks and Spencer Home. Although like-for-like sales at homeware are falling in the same way as clothing, the intrepid shopper can still uncover some fantastic finds.

Some of the interiors stuff is fairly uninspiring. M&S Home is not like those lovely stores where you eyeball the products and want to get your greedy mitts on just about EVERYTHING!! We’re looking at you Anthropologie, Rockett St George,  Avoca.

No, M&S Home is for the campaigner, the explorer, those truly dedicated to uncovering a great find. In trying to be all things to all shoppers, the homeware style is less coherent than other interiors stores. There can be four or five contrasting themes going on at any one time, and that means you’ll probably only really like a minority of the products.

The fact that it takes a bit more work can be rewarding, but frankly who has the time?

So we’ve done the leg work for you. Here’s our choice of the best buys at M&S Home this autumn.


Boho luxe interiors

Surely everyone’s up for a bit of boho luxe inside their home? Bring on the tassels, fringing, sequins (subtle please) and velvet soft furnishings.

Who’d have thought you could embrace your wandering nomad right on the UK high street?


Velvet and tassels tick all the style boxes this season. Combined, they’re magical. The velvet cushion (top left) at £19.50, also available in pale pink, is made from good quality cotton viscose. Looks perfect on a bed or armchair.

The Aisha shaggy cushion (bottom left and main picture on bed) is a fringed, sequinned delight at £35. There’s no link on the M&S website for this product at the minute, but you might get lucky in store. We’ve handled this one in the shop and it’s stunning.

That fringed throw draped across the bed (and detailed in centre pic) has the look of those Moroccan wedding blankets that hit mainstream interiors shops lately. At a fraction under £70, it’s a keeper. 100% cotton and a useful size at 2m by 1.5m, this is going to look great on a bed or sofa. Or what about as a wall hanging?


M&S Home lighting

Just like last year, the lightning section has some real gems again this season. It’s illuminating!


Top left is the New Orleans pendant light in smoked glass, at £129. Looks great against that dark wall, but would be equally at home with dusky pastels or Scandi greys.

Bottom left you can see the three colour choices for the Paloma pendant, priced from £59 – £79. The ceiling cable’s adjustable, so you could hang this low over a side table or bed for a pool of light.

The ultimate looker in the lighting section this season is the Mila chandelier, at £299 (pictured centre and right). Wooden beads on a metal frame, at over a metre high, the Mila is a fraction of the price of similar statement lights. A great investment, as the Mila would give any room the wow factor, and works well in contemporary and more traditional interiors.

Hang it as low as you dare over your dining table. Or go off-centre in your bedroom and hang it over your dressing table or bed, as in the main image here.


Is clutter taking over your home?

You can’t have missed Marie Kondo’s message in her bestseller The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying. If you missed it, where’ve you been? Even if you haven’t read her book, you’ll have seen the theme in all the glossies. At Roomy Home we’re also big fans of Gretchen Rubin and the Happiness Project. We’re firmly behind her belief that, for most people, outer order contributes to inner calm (read about that here, and check out her inspiring and loveable Happier Podcast).

But how to create that outer order at home without feeling like a compulsive tidier? Get some lovely storage.

Baby steps, people!

Don’t leave your shoes lying around near the front door – throw them in a basket. Got magazines you haven’t finished flicking through? Stick them in a basket. Hats, scarves and gloves. Basket. Lego pieces and kids’story books. Guess where?

Get yourself some outer order with these M&S beauties. They’re both 50cm tall, so plenty of room for any amount of clutter essentials you can’t live without.


Marks and Spencer sequin braided storage basket £45
Marks and Spencer sequin braided storage basket £45
Marks and Spencer fringe braided storage bag
Marks and Spencer fringe braided storage bag, £39.50.



Put those M&S thermals back on the shelf!

And what about that marble pestle and mortar chosen instead of the trusty thermals? Here it is. It’s huge (the mortar’s nearly 18cm across). The pestle has a metallic handle. The matching utensil jar would look amazing on a shelfie, with some faux flowers tumbling out. None of it’s too flexible to wear on chilly walks though!


Marks and Spencer Chef marble and metallic pestle and mortar set
Marks and Spencer Chef pestle and mortar set, £39.50.


Hope you’ve learnt that the key to shopping at Marks and Spencer Home is patience. Take some time to uncover the gems that speak to you. Or if the thought of that challenge tires you out, just let Roomy Home do the hard work for you. We’ll be back with more high street interior finds very soon.

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*This is not a sponsored post and features only products that we genuinely love. The Roomy Home website contains some affiliate links.



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